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Mascon Life Sciences

Mascon Global Limited's Life Sciences division was established in 2001 and launched a variety of products and services for addressing and solving biological problems ranging from Genomics to drug designing. Mascon Life Sciences was engaged in disciplines like Genomics, Proteomics, Cheminformatics, Bio-computing, FDA compliance, Pathway designing and analysis, Database designing and Biological algorithm designing.

Bioinformatics is a computer intensive field and Mascon Life Sciences was rated among the top 20 companies by ACS-bioINFORMATICS in a 2005 survey. Mascon Life Sciences has filed its first patent, which is also probably India's first patent as well, in the bioinformatics arena, the EXOMEBlast, an iterative and comparative BLAST tool. Mascon has developed a broad spectrum of seven-eight software tools, applicable in wide range of activities from genome mapping to molecular modeling. In 2004 Mascon Life Sciences entered into a strategic alliance with Span Diagnostics, one of India's largest manufacturer of diagnostic products. Span used Mascon's proprietary software "EXOMETM" to analyze and target important infectious diseases such as HIV, TB etc.

Details of another bioinformatics patent filed by Mascon Global in the United States of America. Inventors include Avinash Agnihotry.

Mascon Life Sciences had its own website ( but it was closed down. This blog dayzatmascon shows photos of their office and laboratory in Gurgaon, Delhi.

In their report, Mascon Global said:
To best capture value in the healthcare and life sciences sector in 2008-2009, we consolidated our healthcare and life sciences (HCLS) business activities, revamped the leadership team, and launched an aggressive growth plan to achieve a three to five times increase in revenue over a three-year period starting in the 2009 fiscal year. We drove an organizational alignment enabling us to operate as a single global team in HCLS.

We launched four new business solutions in HCLS in 2008-2009. Life Sciences R&D Solutions is a set of targeted solutions for drug discovery and clinical development to help life sciences firms transform their R&D operations. The Pharmaceutical Collaboration Platform is an innovative solution for enabling global collaboration and knowledge management in pharmaceutical companies. BI Operations Management is an optimized solution to manage complex BI processes in life sciences companies. The MGL Electronic Medical Record (EMR) platform is a fully integrated SAAS-model for enabling digital healthcare.

The Life Sciences subsidiary of Mascon Global had a lot of assets, intellectual property, and a respectable brand. Shareholders and creditors would like to know what happened to Mascon Life Sciences?

Mascon Life Sciences merged or sold?

In a 2007 interview with Express Pharma, Mascon Global Chairman Sandy K Chandra, had this to say:
Today, Mascon Lifesciences employs over 250 people in which 55 people contribute to R&D.

Our focus is on the computational side of drug discovery. It is a billion dollar business and 40 to 50 percent of drug discovery is based on the use of information technology, where technology is on computational side.

We also provide free software to many hospitals in India wherein they just have to pay for the data. Over the next three years, we might enter the clinical research or pharmaceutical arena ourselves.

We have developed relationships with pharmaceutical companies like Pfizer and J&J. While our focus is on the computational side of the technology, we are also putting in money into build in R&D capabilities for Amrita University in Chennai.

Amrita University has this to say on Mascon Life Sciences:
Amrita Biomedical Engineering (AMBE) focuses on developing cost effective biomedical solutions. Dr. Bipin Nair, Dean, Amrita School of Biotechnology is the coordinator of AMBE. AMBE is the only TIFAC CORE for biomedical engineering in the country. AMBE's industrial partners include MOS Pharma Services,USA, Biocon, Bengaluru and Mascon Life Sciences, USA.

Has the entire life sciences division been moved to the United States? The registered address for Mascon Life Sciences: B–8/10, Vasant Vihar, New Delhi, also doubled as a corporate office of Mascon Global. At this address now is Secure Earth Health And Life Technologies Limited. Corporate Identification Number is (CIN) U72200DL2005PLC139425 and its RoC Delhi registration number is 139425. Its authorized share capital is Rs 12.5 crore and its paid up capital is Rs 504,000. Money transferred from Mascon Life Sciences, along with the premises and personnel?

While the parent Mascon Global became Secure Earth, Mascon Life Sciences was converted into new companies without any formality.

The directors of Secure Earth Health And Life Technologies Limited are Avinash Purshottam Agnihotry and Narendra Puppala, both of them originally with Mascon Life Sciences and Mascon Global respectively. Another company with a similar name and the same Vasant Vihar address is Secure Earth Advanced Systems Private Limited. The directors of this company are Chandra Krishnamurthy (Sandy) and Narendra Puppala. Since they occupy the address of Mascon Life Sciences, and have the same directors as the old company, both these companies should be considered subsidiaries of Mascon Global, and their books should be investigated and accounts revealed to shareholders and creditors.

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